Gil’s Furniture Bought Sold

A. The store that overwhelmed me the most in my life is Its’SUGAR, I love candy so that store is heaven to me. They have huge boxes of many different kinds of candy. They weigh your candy so it’s not expensive at all. I love sour punch straws, twizzlers, and candy cotton.


Super Bowl Commercials

  1. In most of the ads i expect to see logos more than ethos or pathos. Logos are very important for a company to be known and recognized.
  2. This commercial caught my attention, because I like the movie Kung Fu Panda.
  3. Logos: Po is a logo to me because when I see him I already know its something about the movie Kung Fu Panda. Ethos: The commercial tells us about Wix the website and how much it cost. Since the commercial tells us its free to make a website we expect it to be free, and we trust that it will be. Pathos: Po wants to help his father advertise his dumplings ,and have people come to his restaurant. The commercial played the emotion well by having Shifu come to save the day by showing Po the Wix website.
  4. The commercial is effective, because it tells you all the facts you need to know about it. The website is for u to advertise you company in a new free way.
  5. The primary message of the commercial is for everyone to try Wix, and if Po trust it you should too.
  6. The commercial advertises a website and that shows that America is a technology hungry.

Journal topics

A. My house is a light yellow, Some good points of my house are that it has a big back yard. I have a nice size kitchen, but one bad points of my house is that the laundry room isn’t big enough in my opinion.

“I believe…Everything happens for a reason either good or bad

It was February sixth 2015 at 7:42 am when I thought to myself this is it, this is the day I leave this earth forever. Forgive me for getting straight to the point and not preparing you however when I woke up that morning I wasn’t prepared either for what would happened. As I sat in the back of the ambulance I still couldn’t believe what happened to me first I was very terrified, second I felt depressed inside, next I felt anger running through my veins. I thought to myself “what if I can never play soccer again… what am I going to do?” It was a very traumatic experience for me I’m sure it would be traumatic for anyone who has been hit by a car right?!

When the doctor showed me my x-rays I was blessed that I didn’t break anything. I had never been on crutches before therefore when I had to walk with them it was very difficult for me. I was on crutches for four weeks which is a month to be exact. I just made the varsity soccer team at my school a few days before the car accident. The hardest part for me was giving coach my jersey back after I’d just got it a few days ago. I couldn’t play soccer for my school team or my club team. After school everyday I had physical therapy it was hard for me to learn how to walk again yet I managed to learn how very quickly.

When people found out about the car accident things changed a lot. I was getting messages from numbers I didn’t even have saved. It was crazy how a lot of people changed towards me. People came to me so considered and worried about me. I’m not the type of person to be shocked by people acting fake towards me however when the accident happened it was always “Destiny how are you?” “Bows I’m here if you ever need anything!” “I gotcha” All I can say to that is shaking my head. After I got off crutches those people never spoke to me again. The people I thought loved me and cared about me didn’t an that hurt me.

I even had someone I thought cared about me say “okay” when they found out what happened to me. They didn’t care about me at all they were mad at me at the time so I guess they thought that was an appropriate answer. It hurt to know that the people I cared about dearly didn’t care about me at all. You shouldn’t expect anyone to care about you besides the man upstairs because that’s someone you won’t ever have to question. I had a close friend of mine carry my bags everyday at school. She didn’t change the way she acted towards me an I still thank her for that.

I finally got off crutches and I was the happiest person in the world. Words can’t even explain how happy I was to walk on my own two feet again. Last year March first was one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had. I was off crutches an was able to play soccer again. I got my spot back on varsity and showed out. The car accident was the highlight of my 2015 year because it made me the person I am today. It not only has changed my look on life but it also changed me as a person. Many situations you go through in life always have a purpose you may not know why you had to go through it but everything happens for a reason.