Papa Who Wakes Up Tired in the Dark

A. I don’t want people to be sad because I would’ve lived a great life. I don’t want anyone to act in a specific way, how people react is how they react. Everyone is going to take in and handle it in a different way than others. I don’t want anyone I know arguing with my family or the other way around. My family and friends should celebrate my life by celebrating everything that I’ve accomplished. If I died I would want people to remember me as the Destiny who played soccer with passion, the Destiny who gave advice to people in need of hearing the truth, the Destiny who always made people laugh, the Destiny who was nice, the Destiny who was humble, the Destiny who was forgiving and caring, the Destiny who is and always will be Dr.Bows, the Destiny who has the type of personality you just wouldn’t find in anyone else.


“And Some More”

A. On a normal afternoon me and my friends go play soccer either at Pebblebrook or McEachern. When we get there we usually wait twenty minutes for more people to come so we can have even teams. The biggest struggle that somehow everyone seems to forget is to big a hard ball. I don’t know why but I always forget to check my ball. Luckily the latest person to come usually has the perfect ball.┬áIt’s always funny when someone is really close to making a goal and they miss because they get so mad. We don’t stay long because a lot of us have homework or have to go work. We stay for a few hours to play then we either get Baskin Robbins,Subway, or go home.

Tom Walker

6A: I believe that Tom Walker deserves his fate because he sold his soul to the devil. He sold himself for money and for all the wrong reasons. Tom Walker would rather have money than his soul. He deserves everything that happened to him. He probably thought it was a good idea at the time until his reality set in which hit him hard.